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Looking for something to do? Dream up a Diversion is a site for anyone searching for something fun to do. Whether it’s a restaurant recommendation, a new recipe to make, a place to go, an event to attend, a winery to visit or a hobby to occupy your time, you can find plenty of ideas here.

Your free time is precious; make the most of it! Learn a new skill, explore a new place, eat great food and drink great wine.

Food And Wine

Experiment with wine and food pairings, make a new recipe, try a new wine or cocktail or plan a dinner party. Food and drink are the foundation on which new memories are built.

Travel and Events

Find adventures near and far with our trip and event recommendations. Whether it’s a once in a lifetime vacation or a local festival, enrich your life through new experiences.

“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret.”

Oscar Wilde.

Home, Hobbies and Entertainment

Our favorite home decor ideas, holiday decorating, crafts, books, movies, TV and more. Have fun and make some memories while tapping your creativity, learning a new skill or making your home beautiful.

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